Kendra PartidaCase Manager

    Kendra is the Case Manager at Mountain Peak Recovery residential facility. Before working in the recovery field, she participated in a 2-year relationship-based clinical treatment training and apprenticeship program. She is also a businesswoman who ran her own child care center for over 4 years. Kendra loves the arts, dance, music, and learning about homesteading. Kendra worked in the art industry for over 10 years. She now has her own art studio where she enjoys sculpting, painting, graphite sketching, and crafting. She was also a member of a professional dance troupe out of Alpine, Utah and has been a dance instructor in Utah County. Kendra and her husband of 14 years have four wonderful children. She and her family recently moved to a 7-acre farm property in Birdseye, Utah. Together they are fulfilling their dream of creating a small working farm in the mountains. Kendra has overcome significant obstacles in her own life and has a strong understanding of how to work through dramatic shifts and re-create a life of hope and success. She has a well-rounded approach, assisting others to discover their own light. She believes that anyone can make lasting change and finds it very rewarding to be a part of each individual’s progress.

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