Sober Living in Utah

“No other rehab I’ve been to has been able to provide an environment which enabled me to be myself and grow so much.”


Helping People Like You Begin Life Anew

Mountain Peak Recovery takes a unique approach to addiction treatment aftercare. We offer ongoing support for clients who complete our residential treatment program and want to begin their lives anew. While our inpatient treatment center immerses individuals in a structured rehabilitation program, Sober Living gives them a safe environment for self-government.

Rediscover Your Strength, Happiness, and Purpose

Our compassionate staff knows that those in the recovery process will make mistakes; Sober Living is the perfect place to learn from those mistakes. We believe that slip-ups are learning opportunities, and we work to uplift clients from their dejection and lead them to fulfilling, joyful, and purpose-filled lives by providing the encouragement needed to bounce back from relapses.

A Temporary Arrangement for a Permanent Change

Sober Living is a temporary living situation that supplements our treatment program. Residents can come and go whenever they want and ease back into daily life at their own leisure. Rather than being thrown straight from constant structure into an unregulated home environment, Sober Living gives individuals a safe place to adjust to everyday situations, which lessens the likelihood of relapse and instills permanent change.

Welcoming People in All Stages of Addiction Recovery

Although we prefer that interested parties complete our in-house treatment program before entering Sober Living, it is not a prerequisite to do so. We accept those in all phases of rehab — so long as they are willing to remain sober, to live by the rules of the house, and to help others do the same. This will ensure a safe, positive and uplifting experience for all of our residents.

What to Expect From Our Addiction Aftercare Facility

At Sober Living, an individual will live halfway between treatment and everyday life. Recently discharged patients will experience the benefits of treatment and the autonomy of the outside world while they continue in the healthy habits that lead to lifelong recovery. They will be given the time and resources to make amends with friends and family affected by their substance abuse.

In a sober living house, residents can expect to have a set of rules to abide by, such as curfew enforcement and drug and alcohol restriction. The rule to rule all rules, if you will, is that a resident must stay sober. We at Mountain Peak Recovery are here to support and assist if a resident slips.

Due to the fact that residents may come and go as they please, however, they will also be subject to random drug and breathalyzer tests that keep them accountable for the way they spend their time in the outside world. Even so, residents will still be permitted to engage in the routine activities and hobbies that they enjoyed before falling into the clutches of addiction.

When Should You Consider a Sober Living Center?

Moving into a sober living house is often the factor that determines whether or not a recovering addict revisits old habits. Many of our clients express concerns about their ability to remain sober upon returning home. If you or a loved one is feeling weak or anxious about relapsing, a sober living center may be just the right resource you need to rediscover your strength.

Sober Living Pricing and Stay Limitations

The cost of Sober Living is just about the same as your monthly rent, which usually means that the expense is minimally disruptive to your budget. You can also stay for as long as you need to; there are no limitations on the term of your residency. With Sober Living, you’ll always have somewhere to turn when you need a little extra help staying on track with your goals.

The Benefits of Staying in Our Sober Living House

  • Environment– Who and what you surround yourself with play an important role in your recovery. Our Sober Living residents all have the same goal to start new and stay clean. Being around like-minded, supportive roommates is important to long term sobriety.
  • Structure– Sober Living assists in developing basic sets of rules and personal schedules that will not only help you stay accountable but will also assist in self-reliance, independence and increase your ability to maintain your path to sobriety.
  • Continued Care– During residential treatment, you interacted with all of our mentors, counselors and case managers whenever you needed. Sober homes allow you to continue receiving personalized guidance and support. The beauty in Sober Living is now using the skills you’ve learned to reach out, ask for help and receive the assistance you need.
  • Smooth Transitioning– Leaving residential straight to a former living situation can be extremely challenging. Mountain Peak Recovery’s Sober Living program offers a smoother transition back to everyday life.
  • Location– Our Sober Living homes are centrally located in Utah Valley. With easy access to public transit, jobs, grocery stores, and walking/biking trails. This makes it easy to get where you need to be whether you have a vehicle or walk. It is also just over a mile from our Outpatient building so it is easy to get to and from groups each day.

Kindle a Kinship With Other Individuals in Recovery

One of the main reasons that Sober Living is so effective in the recovery process is that it fosters friendships among residents and establishes a support system among individuals in similar situations, giving them greater ability to avoid drugs and alcohol. Rather than feeling isolated upon returning home, our clients leave with a renewed hope and a feeling of positivity and camaraderie.

Enjoy Autonomy, Employment, and an Open Schedule

At Sober Living, clients can continue on the road to sobriety in a more open-scheduled environment with the same support they experienced in residential treatment. Residents will have the opportunity to seek employment and have a more open schedule. They also are able to pursue educational goals and return to school if they desire. This empowers them to move forward with life while remaining accountable and focused on their goal of complete sobriety.

With Our Help, You Can Move Mountains

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Take action today and start living again by getting in contact with Mountain Peak Recovery.

For more information about Sober Living, call (801) 824-8829

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