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Located in Utah, it is the mission of Mountain Peak Recovery to provide the best environment that will enable individuals and families affected by addiction, to achieve learning that is conducive to lifelong recovery. We believe that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. We desire to help everyone we come in contact with learning from the mistakes in their lives and put that learning toward lasting change and constant improvement leading to lives of joy, fulfillment, and purposeful meaning.

Nestled in a 200-acre valley deep in the Wasatch Mountains, Mountain Peak Recovery is the perfect setting for healing and reflection. Located approximately 80 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah, the ranch enjoys spectacular mountain views, magnificently landscaped gardens, and “postcard” like sunrises and sunsets. In addition, the facility boasts a 2,000 square foot stone patio complete with a 12-foot tall rock fire pit to help keep you warm on those chilly mountain evenings. Because of its location, you’ll enjoy access to miles of private mountain hiking trails and easy access to Mountain Peak.

Why Out of State Treatment?

Separating oneself from the lifestyle and surroundings that are familiar is often a very important component of change. Most people recognize that if a person seeking recovery remains in the same environment it is much less likely that they will adopt the new and different lifestyle necessary to recover.

There are many advantages to seeking treatment outside your home state or area; here are a few:

  • Removal from “friends” and people associated with using.
  • Removal from the day-to-day concerns of life at home and work.
  • Being in a new and “novel” situation improves learning and adaptation to change.
  • Allowing loved ones/family members to do their own work.
  • Total immersion in a recovery-rich, change-oriented environment.

Our beautiful mountain location in north-central Utah will give you the opportunity to limit distractions and focus on yourself, your life, your learning, your change, your recovery, and to find and Amplify the Light Within!

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