Outpatient Rehabilitation in Utah

Deciding to seek out help for addiction can be difficult, but leaving treatment can be even more difficult. After successfully completing residential treatment, patients can be confronted with many difficult trials, often seeing old struggles and new difficulties arise. That’s why outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation is so important.

Mountain Peak Recovery believes in the full continuum of care. Addiction recovery treatment doesn’t stop when you leave the facility—it is comprehensive and ongoing. Outpatient rehabilitation programs help patients establish a foundation for recovery, creating not just short-term sobriety, but long-term life changes as well.

Mountain Peak Recovery specializes in outpatient treatment, with two different programs: general outpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment. Read more below to find out which one may be right for you.

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About the Mountain Peak General Outpatient Program

The Mountain Peak general outpatient program is designed for patients dealing with drug and alcohol abuse issues. This program is best for patients who do not suffer from medical or mental health issues, live in a stable environment, and feel secure enough to begin their journey for change.

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Mountain Peak Recovery patients meet once a week for group, individual, or family therapy sessions.

Our program requires that patients meet once a week for group, individual, or family therapy sessions over a time period of several weeks. The specific time period recommended for you will be discussed with your individual caregiver. In your therapy sessions, you will work on developing skills, attitudes, and behaviors to support continued sobriety and prevent relapse. You will also receive continuing addiction education, as well as support from the Mountain Peak community.

About the Mountain Peak Intensive Outpatient Program

The Mountain Peak intensive outpatient program is designed for patients dealing with drug and alcohol abuse issues, as well as medical and mental health issues. Those in intensive outpatient programs are able to live on their own, but they must participate in nine hours of individual, group, or family therapy each week.

These patients will receive continued support from the Mountain Peak community, which can include medication management, psychiatric support, case management, experiential and recreational therapy, and alumni support. Intensive outpatient treatment will not only help patients continue with their sobriety, but it will also help them develop skills to prevent relapse.

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    “No other rehab I’ve been to has been able to provide an environment which enabled me to be myself and grow so much.”

    — C.U.

    What We Do in Outpatient Rehab Programs

    •         Group, individual, and family therapy
    •         Relapse prevention
    •         Continuing addiction education
    •         Alumni support
    •         Community support
    •         Experiential and recreational therapy

    Mountain Peak Recovery uses the most modern and effective treatment options for outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Through advanced therapy, meaningful connections, and continued support, Mountain Peak ensures patients receive the skills they need for strong, long-lasting addiction recovery.

    Mountain Peak Outpatient Treatment Schedule

    •         Intensive outpatient 3–4 days per week
    •         General outpatient 1–2 days per week
    •         Monday–Thursday 6 pm–9 pm

    Seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction is the first step in your journey to sobriety and stability. Mountain Peak Recovery offers outpatient rehabilitation in Utah for anyone struggling with addiction. Find out more about Mountain Peak Recovery here, or take a look at some of our frequently asked questions to learn more.

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