Paying For Treatment

“I’m not sure if I can afford rehab.” can be one of the most common barriers to seeking treatment. Most insurance companies have benefits that will cover treatment. Some require that lower levels of care are attempted prior to admission at a residential facility, but most will authorize treatment based on medical necessity. Usually, medical necessity is determined by completing an assessment at the facility.

To determine if your insurance will cover treatment with Mountain Peak Recovery:

  • Verify your benefits – we will contact your insurance company to confirming that the treatment options we provide are covered. They will confirm any requirements needed to authorize treatment.
  • Deductible payment – most insurance policies have a deductible that must be met before benefits kick in. After that point, insurance will cover a percentage of costs up until the out-of-pocket maximum has been met at which point 100% of the costs are usually covered. Mountain Peak Recovery frequently has scholarship funds available to assist with deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum payments.
  • Authorize Treatment – once treatment has been determined to be medically necessary, the insurance company will pre-authorize treatment for an initial period of time, and then continue to authorize as needed.
  • Total Cost – once your deductible and out-of-pocket maximums have been met, you should not expect to pay any additional amounts for treatment. If prescription medications are necessary, copays will be paid directly to the pharmacy and are not included in the costs of treatment.

If you do not have insurance, we have a heavily discounted cash rate for treatment. 30 days will run about $12,500. No interest payment plans are available. Contact us for specifics.

We are not a Medicaid contracted facility. Check your local Medicaid office for treatment options in your area.

To find out more, please fill out our Insurance Verification Form.

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