Why You Shouldn’t Let Addiction Drown Your Light

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Addiction can cause people to go to some very dark places. This can breed a whole heap of shame that can take years to unpack. When you take into account the pain that comes from addiction, plus the pain that you were carrying before it, it can feel almost impossible to heal. It is not impossible, though. You are more than your mistakes and way more than your addiction. You were a full person before being a substance abuser, you are a full person with your addiction, and you will be a full person in recovery. The key to overcoming these feelings of inadequacy is to reconnect with your “light.” You are beyond deserving of having your light shine as bright as it can — you just have to get back to it and turn it back on.

What is Your Light?

Light is the opposite of darkness. Oftentimes people associate addiction with darkness, so your light is the thing inside of you that will reconnect you with your path. What do you enjoy doing? What makes you happy? What is your life purpose? What did you want before substance use disorder impacted your life? These are all questions to ask yourself as you work through the process of finding your light. The unique thing about your light is only you know what it is, so you have to honor your feelings, emotions, and passions to reconnect to it. 

Your light is the thing inside of you that reminds you that you are not your mistakes. It is what helps you forgive yourself, others, and release the baggage that is negatively affecting you. Your light enables you to reconnect with things you enjoy. As you continue to find your light and rekindle your passion you may pick up a new hobby, heal relationships, or even begin a new career. That’s the beauty of the light it restores your confidence and reminds you that you are wonderful and enough just as you are. 

The light within is not some magical thing that just comes upon you. It is actively engaging in the work it takes to be the best version of yourself. It is figuring out who you want to be, accepting every version of yourself — including the current one — and putting in the work to become that version you dreamt up. It is believing in your dreams enough to work towards them. You are a wonderful being capable of healing and moving forward from this part of your life, you have to believe that and work towards it.

How to Stop Addiction From Drowning Your Light 

Addiction can feel like it has a powerful grip on your life. It can make you replay all the bad parts about yourself, and you can start to feel like there’s no chance of redemption. However, that is addiction trying to extinguish your light. There are ways to combat that. A few of them are:

  • Seeking help:  Addiction is hard to combat and sometimes you need help. Contacting family, friends, or someone trusted to help you get into rehab is one of the best ways to get help.
  • Forgiving yourself:  Mistakes can feel like the end of the world, but the world keeps going after you make a mistake. Holding onto it does not do any good. Learn from your mistakes and move forward to truly help your light shine bright.
  • Taking Accountability: Mistakes happen. When you make them, acknowledge that. Nothing is more harmful to people you love than when you make a mistake and refuse to own up to it. It gives off the impression that you don’t care, are unconcerned, and are not truly interested in learning. Showing that you are aware of your mistake and taking full responsibility for it shows people that you care about you want to grow.
  • Letting go: Forgiveness is a two-step process. After you forgive, you must release the pain associated with that lesson. Understand that it helped you grow, but you cannot hang onto it. The sad reality you must also understand is sometimes, there is no lesson and there is nothing to gain from harboring pain. You hurt yourself and your other relationships when you hold on to past hurts.  

You are way more than your addiction. You can overcome it if you choose to embark on the hard journey to healing yourself.

The darkness that creates addiction can feel unbearable. It may bring an overwhelming amount of shame and guilt. However, shame is a tool that brings your attention to your decisions and allows you to reconsider and make better choices. It is not a reason to disrespect or belittle yourself. You are more in control of your life than you think, and if your addiction brings guilty feelings to your life, then it’s a great time to consider treatment. Substance use disorder can be extremely hard for individuals and families to combat alone. It can feel even harder when you feel an overwhelming sense of shame. Mountain Peak Recovery is here to help work through that shame and reconnect to your light. Located in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Mountain Peak Recovery is the perfect place to retreat to reconnect to your light. If you or someone you love is dealing with a substance abuse issue call, (801) 824-8829

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