Setting and Achieving Goals Beyond Recovery

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Recovery is one of the highest accomplishments one can experience. That does not mean that it is to be your only achievement. While you are in recovery, it is essential to set small goals and achieve them to build up confidence and shape your life into one you are proud to live. 

Benefits of Setting Goals

Having goals provides specific benefits. You already have goals associated with your recovery. Goals outside of recovery also are essential. These goals provide the following outcomes to people in recovery:

  • Give Purpose: When you have a goal, you have a purpose in your life. Whether that goal is as simple as fixing dinner for your family tonight or getting your Associate degree in two years, you have a purpose. There are finite steps you must complete to achieve both.
  • Set Direction: Goals focus your mind and provide direction for your days. They are something you work toward, so you write smaller steps in your schedule and mark them completed daily. 
  • Fill Your Time: You no longer need to worry about how you will spend your day. You have goals to meet. Typically, this means you have action steps to work on every day or every other day. Your days should be full but not so full you are overwhelmed. 

 Once you begin setting goals and achieving them, you will notice right away the benefits that have in your life. You get a boost in confidence and feel ready for the next goal. Choosing the right plans makes all the difference.

Types of Goals to Set

There are several areas of life in which you can look to set goals. It is not necessary to set goals in every section described below. Select areas that are important to you. You can be practical and dream when setting goals. 

  • Learning: A tremendous short-term goal is to take a class on something you always to learn. Even better, choose a free online course. There are excellent resources that offer lessons, certificates, and diplomas online on your schedule. Some classes may be as short as 30 minutes. Online sites to consider include:
    • HubSpot
    • Alison Courses
    • Coursera
    • Edx
    • Udemy

There are more free online course sites. Many have apps you can use on your phone.

  • Career: If you seek a career, the first step might be getting a job in your chosen industry. If you cannot find a job and have time, consider interning at an organization where you would like to work eventually. If you know you want a great career but not what that career looks like, join local workshops that help guide you through that decision-making process. Your local library also can help you.
  • Health: Taking care of health conditions that have gone untreated is a worthy goal. Perhaps you need to see the dentist or get new eyeglasses. If you want to lose weight, you might want to exercise and change your diet. An easy health goal that can be challenging to achieve is drinking the recommended amount of water daily. 
  • Personal: These goals are more like things you need to take care of to move on with your life. You may need to pay court costs or get your driver’s license back. If you have financial restitution to pay, you want to get a payment plan set up if possible or get that paid off so you can move on. If you are a parent, you may have a corrective plan of action with Children Protective Services (CPS) that requires you to find safe housing to regain custody of your children.
  • Bucket List: As you begin to meet short-term goals, you feel encouraged to make longer-term goals, like a bucket list, things you want to do before you die. You start paying attention to the TV, what people say, photos and chats on your phone, and dreams. You begin seeing your future and adding fun things you want to accomplish in your life. It could be things like:
    • Parachute out of an airplane
    • Visit one bed and breakfast (B&B) in every state
    • Buy a motorcycle and join a Meetup for charity rides
    • Climb mountains to reach the peak
    • Fish in an ocean

Whatever you add to your bucket list, make it fun, exciting, and possible for you.

 Selecting which goal, to begin with, is up to you. Start with something small or go with a bigger dream that continues to come to mind. Plans outside of recovery show your life is more than your addiction.

Celebrating Goal Achievement

Accomplishing a goal is so cool. You feel proud even if everyone you know has already achieved the same objective. Do not be afraid to celebrate when you achieve goals, even the small ones. You could have quit at any time, but you did not. You persevered and completed what you set out to do. 

You deserve to celebrate and share your pride in that with your friends and families. Celebrating without jeopardizing your recovery is possible and should be part of your goal-setting. When setting goals, incentivize them by including how and with whom you will commemorate when you achieve the goal.

While you are in treatment and early recovery, your goals focus on maintaining recovery. Now that you are further along in your recovery, you can begin to think of things to do outside of your recovery. Your life is getting more expensive again. You get to think about your health, a job, housing, and activities you want to participate in in the future. Setting goals in these areas strengthen your recovery because you are not spending your time thinking about your addiction. When you have plans, hopefully, you have achievements. A sense of accomplishment builds you up and makes long-term recovery seem possible. Mountain Peak Recovery focuses on guiding you to discover your light so you can see your true self outside the darkness of addiction. It is then that you value yourself and can create your journey to life-long sobriety. If you are alumni of Mountain Peak Recovery or another treatment program and are trying to set goals outside of recovery, call Mountain Peak Recovery at (801) 824-8829 for assistance.

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