The Power of Community

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“United we stand, divided we fall,” is a very common American expression, but it holds a lot of truth. As humans, we are naturally social beings. We crave connection from people on an interpersonal level. We tend to live in a community, gather to celebrate and grieve, and even lean on one another during trying times. Community is one of the most basic needs within the human race. It should be no surprise that community can have a huge healing effect on a person. When healing a substance use disorder community can help a person stay on the path, or even help them reconnect to their path if they get lost.

The Importance of Community

Community, especially while healing a substance use disorder, can help people get through some very tough moments. They lift people, care for them, and even hold them accountable for their goals. That is one of the reasons we work hard to make sure that clients are given ample opportunities to participate in the community. Through the buddy program, our incoming residences have been able to build community with other residents quickly.

This program pairs a resident that has been with us for a while with an incoming resident. This eases the strain on new residents to learn the daily operations at Mountain Peak Recovery, feel comfortable sharing in group settings, and even make friends. The people you meet in recovery can become an important part of your sober journey. Since treatment can present you with people that are in the same boat as you, it can feel like you all are striving for the same goal. This supporting feeling can take away the loneliness that substance use disorder can create and give you more confidence in yourself.

How Can It Help a Person’s Healing?

Community is not only important to help heal a substance use disorder, it can also help prevention. When substance use is discussed openly and honestly, it opens the door for healing conversations about substance use disorder prevention. Researchers believe community to be one of the best ways to prevent substance use disorder. They argue, “Prevention in the community and at the workplace is a vital component in substance use disorder treatment and management.” When businesses enforce rules against substance use it keeps the community safe because businesses are very much embedded in communities. This ensures that people are not being exposed to substance use while a patron at a business.

The study goes on to explain stating, “Mobilizing the community, creating awareness that addiction to substances is a disease, that it is treatable and that treatment is available, are all essential.” This reminds people to be aware, but it also urges them to help their loved ones experiencing substance use disorder. Understanding substance use disorder as an illness helps save lives. It even helps take away some of the guilt and shame that perpetuates the cycle of substance use.

Ways Mountain Peak Recovery Fosters Community

Community is a big deal to us here at Mountain Peak Recovery. As previously mentioned, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients feel supported and connected to a community here. This includes doing fun things such as going beyond our walls to experience nature, fostering support in group therapy settings, and even allowing clients to engage in different activities together during downtime.

It is also imperative to us that you feel supported by our staff. That is why we have a long screening process to ensure we can help you before you join our program, we match you with one of our wonderful resident therapists, and ensure that we have staff that is genuinely interested in your healing working hands-on with you throughout the day. Many people that work at Mountain Peak Recovery have had some form of experience with substance use disorder before joining the team, so we know they are as passionate about your healing as you are.

Community: A Gateway to Healing

Your community may not be able to heal you, but they definitely can aid in your healing. The love, support, care, and accountability the community gives people can be healing. That is why it is important to be open to the wonderful opportunities to create a community in treatment. The community you build while in treatment may understand you, uplift you, support you and care for you in a way that is healing beyond reason.

Mountain Peak Recovery understands the struggle that comes with substance use disorder and eliminating it from your life. Healing is not a far-fetched possibility though. You are more than capable of reconnecting to yourself and freeing yourself from the cycle. We understand how a community can impact the process of healing. We also know how isolating substance use disorder can be, that is why we work hard to create a loving, supportive community to help our residents as they go through treatment. Through our many programs, initiatives, and activities we work hard to make sure our clients are utilizing all parts of healing. We even work with families and outside communities to make sure our clients are restoring their relationships beyond our facility. If you or a loved one are looking for a community to uplift you as you work through a substance use disorder, call us now at (801) 824-8829.

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