How to Stay Motivated and Energized When Life Takes a 180 Degree Turn

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The roller-coaster of life is never easy, especially when life takes a 180-degree turn. Life has its trials, and those who go through recovery see challenges that others may not understand. The world brings unique challenges, circumstances, and problems. Learning to overcome those challenges is all about how you choose to handle them.

Life Is Never a Straightforward Path

We have all heard the infamous saying by Elbert Hubbard: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” What happens if you don’t know how to make lemonade or can’t find the motivation to do so? Sometimes we give ourselves many reasons to divert our path to avoid the dark parts of life, but when we light up the dark, change can ignite.

Times can be tough, especially since you have already gone through rigorous training to live healthier. However, life throwing you a lemon does not mean that there is no hope. Life was not meant to be easy, and the hardest part is continuing when things get hard. However, when you look back on the dark times you faced, you can see how they helped you grow. You took those times, and in the end, you found purpose and a fresh perspective on your journey. See, life is never a straightforward path. Life has its twists and turns, but they can strengthen you and brighten your light.

For example, look at a bed of roses. In the beginning, they were small and weak, but they grew thorns and branches long before they knew they would bud. They had to fight to live with the vast amounts of danger surrounding them. As they continued to grow, the stems grew longer and stronger, and so did the thorns. Inside, though, the rose bloom thrived. Once the plant saw the sun continually, the rose bloomed. The rose would have never bloomed if it didn’t have the strength and direction to push itself into the light.

The same goes for you in your recovery journey or when life takes a 180-degree turn. You have already been through the dark and are now in the light. However, when the clouds appear and it rains, remember that this is only for a brief time. The rain and clouds may seem dark as you are going through them, but they are there to nourish you for when the light re-emerges. Just like a rose that needs water and wind to survive, the same goes for you after treatment. Life is going to take turns to strengthen you in the end.

How Can I Stay Motivated and Energized When Life Feels Like It Is Crumbling Down?

There are many stages of life after treatment, and the challenges of each stage are different. If you feel that your life is crumbling down or if you’re unmotivated to pick up the pieces, there are ways to find energy and motivation.

Embrace It

As you have learned in recovery, your light is a beacon of hope. When you fall into tough times, remember to embrace the feelings of pain and be honest with yourself. You can write your feelings down in a journal, then put them away. Focus on grounding yourself using breathing exercises or meditation techniques. Later on, you can reread what you wrote to embrace your feelings.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Going through recovery, there isn’t one answer for all situations. However, remembering that you have made it this far already can help you motivate yourself. You were so determined and successful to make it here. Therefore, with each step, remember to celebrate your achievements, both big and small.

Find Energizing Activities

You can find motivation for positive reinforcements in many things. You can watch comedies, play games, read inspiring stories, or listen to moving podcasts. However, engaging in activities can restore your energy. Take a walk in the park, go on a nature hike, tend to your garden, or dance your heart out to some uplifting beats. Giving yourself the time to boost your energy will also boost your motivation.

Connect and Stay Connected

During treatment, you had many people by your side. Have you stayed connected to them? Life after treatment can be significantly different. However, if you need to find motivation or energy, you can always reach out to those you met while you were in treatment.

Reconnect with your peers or reach out to the community. We are here to support you through all aspects of your recovery process. When things feel down or when life takes a turn, reach out to the community. You can find all kinds of positive engagements and activities in your area to help you along your way.

Focus and Extend Your Light

Another great tool for motivating and energizing yourself starts with your light. Remember that you have already forgiven yourself. You have learned from the mistakes. Remind yourself that you chose peace and strength, and during these times, you can tap back into that focus and choose to extend your light rather than cover it up.

Life After Treatment May Be Challenging at Times, but There Is Still Hope

Living a healthier life may seem challenging. When life takes a 180-degree turn, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. If you focus on working hard, staying strong, remaining connected, refocusing your light, and engaging in energizing activities, you can find the motivation to get through anything.

Your life after treatment may seem harder at times, but there’s hope. We want you to stay connected with us and celebrate your achievements. You can use all the resources available for your continued success. You are a bright beacon of hope for others along the way. Do not forget your purpose or what you want in life. Your light can illuminate hope for yourself and others going through similar situations. We are here for you and your recovery journey, and we want to help you make the most of your journey with continued enlightenment through community activities, alumni resources, and focus. Mountain Peak Recovery offers solutions to help you extend your light rather than covering it up, and we are here to help you find the positive aspects of life. If you are alumni of Mountain Peak Recovery or someone currently in recovery seeking help with aftercare, call us at (801) 824-8829 for assistance.

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