Learning From Other Perspectives During Treatment

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Substance use disorder can make a person feel alone, especially if those around you are not experiencing the same things. There is power in engaging with groups of people going through similar situations as you. This allows you to problem solve, see different perspectives, and have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough. We are not perfect people, and no one has a guide on how to be a human. That is why we sometimes need help from our fellow brethren to help us create a clear path to move beyond the negative situations in life that are making us feel stuck. 

Benefits of Community 

Community during treatment allows you to be able to learn from different perspectives. Learning from different perspectives allows you to expand your knowledge and rethink your healing process. Whatever stage you are in your healing process you need to know that to change your life, you have to do something radically different, something you probably have never even considered so that you can begin to start on your new life. Listening to others who have been down the same path as you, are currently going down the same path as you, or are licensed in the substance use disorder healing process allows you to get new ideas. These new ideas will allow you to create your plan of action to change your life. 

The bonus of learning from new perspectives is these people will be there with you as you go down this road of change and work to create and execute your plan. The people that you learn from in treatment can open your mind to new possibilities, help you tap into a newfound strength within, and even help you stay accountable to your plan to better yourself. 

Everyone has different experiences, backgrounds, and unique thought processes. Just because you and a person are going through something similar does not mean you all are going through it the same way. This is the key difference in your perspectives and when different perspectives come together to solve an issue the possibilities are endless. Opening your heart, mind, and ears to what’s being said when people are giving you advice allows you to open yourself up even more to your healing.

How Mountain Peak Recovery Supports Community

Community is very important to Mountain Peak Recovery. We attempt to create chances for patients to engage in the community as much as possible. From our patient mentor program, which allows a seasoned resident to show a newcomer the ropes, to our group therapy sessions, that allow patients to connect and support each other on their journeys, we work hard to ensure that patients feel cared for and have a community to lean on during their process. Healing substance use disorder in any form is complex, so it is imperative to have support. That is why our staff is also very hands-on in the process making sure every patient feels heard, helped, and given proper support as they heal. 

Another way Mountain Peak Recovery works to build community is through fun activities, especially in inpatient care. We do things like visit state parks, go on hikes, and even allow the residents to work out together in our on-site gym. This allows people to see each other in different settings and get to know one other on a deeper level. The beauty of creating a community in inpatient care is that you all can continue your relationship beyond treatment, and be lifelong friends and members of one another’s support system. Mountain Peak truly believes in the power of community, so we strive to make it accessible as much as possible in the healing process. 

Community: A Portal To Healing

As you open yourself up, allow yourself to let people in, and allow these people to share their perspectives, you open up new possibilities of healing for yourself. You allow yourself to create a new type of thinking for yourself, and you allow yourself to change for the better. As humans, we are naturally social, so it only makes sense that having people to help support us through hard times makes going through life’s struggles a lot easier. If you already have a strong community at home, we will help make your community stronger and more equipped to support you. 

Community is a very powerful tool to help you heal. Through community, you can find a group of people that can offer you different perspectives and ideas for how to heal and support each other. It may be hard to find and build your community alone and you need help. Mountain Peak Recovery is here to help you and your community learn more about healing substance use disorder. If you don’t have a community, Mountain Peak Recovery is here to help you build one.  Substance use disorder can be extremely hard for individuals and families to combat alone. It can feel even harder when you don’t feel properly equipped. Located in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Mountain Peak Recovery is the perfect place to retreat to reconnect to your light. If you or someone you love is dealing with a substance abuse issue, call us today at (801) 824-8829

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