The Positive Effects of Holistic Treatment

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Holistic treatment has been around for a while now. Many people believe it is what we should be leaning on as the gold standard for medicine. Others believe anyone who even tried holistic treatment is wishing for a death sentence. A less extreme middle ground group believes holistic medicine and modern medicine should marry. Whatever your stance is on holistic treatment, you should know that its rise in popularity is no coincidence. Especially in the mental health industry, holistic treatment is making major headway as people are trying to recover emotionally from 2020.

What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment is life-changing and helps people reconnect with all parts of themselves. Holistic substance use treatment is the act of caring for the entire person to heal the substance use disorder. This means making sure a person’s home life, job status, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, and physical wellness are normal. If not, helping them realize what is going wrong, seeing how things overlap, and creating and implementing a plan is crucial. This is a process that takes a long time, gives room for mistakes, and understands that progress is not linear. Holistic treatment is also a very individualized treatment plan. Since the focus on the treatment plan is what your body needs, it is kind of hard to share a holistic treatment plan.

Holistic treatment has a heavy focus on the connection to nature and art to our bodies. A holistic treatment plan can include different forms of physical activity, such as art therapy, dance, and even Tai Chi. These activities may not seem like they would help substance use, but substance use treatment is attempting to help a person reconnect with who they were before substance use. It also wants to help people to connect to the person they could have become without the substance, and that does include rekindling old passions and finding new ones.

Holistic vs Modern Substance Use Treatment

The recent drastic rise in popularity that holistic treatment has experienced makes people wonder if modern medicine’s view of healing or the holistic view of healing is better. However, neither is better or worse. They are both treatment plans that help people fight substance use disorder, and each person’s needs are different. For some, a traditional program might have worked wonders, but for others, they may not have felt as though they were missing something in a traditional program. It’s all a matter of doing what is best for your healing process.

Holistic Treatment at Mountain Peak Recovery

Here at Mountain Peak Recovery, holistic treatment is one of our specialties. We work hard to make sure our client’s experience here lives up to our motto “Amplify the Light Within.” We know how addiction can drown out a person’s light, make them feel alone, and cast an overall negative shadow on life. That is why we work hard to follow the holistic guide of completely understanding our clients’ needs. We want to make sure our client is getting the best individualized care and utilizing the wonderful community within Mountain Peak Recovery.

When it comes to physical activity, as a working farm, we have a plethora of things to do. We understand the powerful effects of physical activity on healing mental health and the importance of reconnecting with your body through physical activity. The activities include but are not limited to:

  • On-site Gym
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Camping

We tend to begin our mornings in the gym because as our clients are going through treatment, we want to help them build new, lasting, healthy habits. Our holistic treatment plan, as well as most, includes different forms of psychotherapy and psycho pharmacy as well.

Holistic Healing: Your Individual Plan

Holistic healing can look like a variety of different things. For one person their plan that they created with their doctor may look like two medications, exercising twice a day, and journaling. While another might be on seven different medications, taking a brisk 30-minute walk, and in two forms of therapy. This variety in treatment allows clients to begin taking their lives back into their own hands from the start of treatment. There is no right way to go through treatment. There is no right way to quit a substance to heal. However, there is a way that is right for you to go through treatment, quit a substance, and heal. Which way would you rather heal? The ‘right’ way or the way that is right for you?

Mountain Peak Recovery wants to help you create the perfect holistic treatment plan for you with our programs. Your individualized care, needs, and healing are important to us. Substance use disorder can disconnect you from yourself and your loved ones and wreak havoc on your life. However, we know that your light within is still beaming strong, waiting for you to find it and grab onto it. That is why it is our mission to help you heal completely from the inside out. Your sense of independence, growth and emotional management is very important to us. We work hard to ensure you still feel connected to these parts of yourself, so returning to the real world outside rehabilitation can be as smooth of a transition as possible. For more information about our program, or our holistic view of treatment, call us today at (801) 824-8829 to get help and healing.

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