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Why Mountain Peak Recovery

It is the mission of Mountain Peak Recovery to provide the very best therapeutic environment that will enable individuals and families affected by substance use disorders to achieve learning that is conducive to lifelong recovery. It is further our mission to bring light to the darkness of all kinds, which occurs in the lives of the people we serve. We believe that mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. We desire to help everyone we come in contact with learning from the mistakes in their lives and put that learning toward lasting change and constant improvement leading to lives of joy, fulfillment, and purposeful meaning.


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“I was able to build an honest relationship with myself. Believing in myself is key. I liked everything about my experience. The experiential activities were my favorite. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

“I learned how and gained a love of painting at the ranch. I realized if I could paint I would have this escape. I started getting better, and people started liking it. One day I said I’ll never be able to do certain things. I will never be able to climb that mountain. And Blu said, ‘You could if you wanted to.’ And I did. But the reason I did it was because I was able to say, if I can paint that picture, maybe I could climb that mountain. If I could climb that mountain, maybe I could write a song. If I could write a song, maybe I could finish this program. If I could finish that program, maybe I could stay clean. If I could stay clean, maybe I could go home and help others. If I could help others, then maybe everything that I have gone through, all the troubles, all the trauma, all the disappointment. If I could help others, it would be worth it. I could have a reason why.”

No other rehab I’ve been to has been able to provide an environment that enabled me to be myself and grow so much.

Amplify the Light Within

Addiction brings darkness into relationships and life choices. At Mountain Peak Recovery, we focus on being the light, fighting the shadows that addiction creates, and allowing the light to guide us to a life of sobriety. Through finding the light within us, we are able to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Mountain Peak Recovery helps our clients elevate their level of treatment and individual growth through motivation, inspiration, and a thoughtful mind. We believe it is important to not only understand the story of each of our clients, but also to embrace and help our clients accept and understand the light and darkness in their past, present, and future.

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